So today was Miss T’s 4th Birthday.We did some shopping and then headed home for some special Birthday Sketi. Since Miss T doesn’t like cake I got some brownie frosting and put a dollop on a Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip cookie,,, her absolute favorite 🙂  so the candles would stand up. She was a little freaked out by the plate of 4 burning candles. But she recovered and signed “finished”!

We then started present time. She had so much fun that I mostly got blurry picts…to come later.  She got a blow up pool to be a ball pit and a bag of balls…yeah one bag isn’t going to be enough 😉 I also got a tub to put rice and beans in for a sensory work and she loves that as well…Yay Me! I did good this year 🙂  Oh and a Nerf basketball hoop…she has been really into throwing toys so I thought maybe if she had a basket ball hoop that may curb her throwing objects at us 😉 Worth a try anyway.  She also got some movies from Grandpa W with the money he sent.

So all in all I think it was a very successful day! I really love happy days…they don’t  seem to come around often 😉

Stay tuned for pictures to come…Miss G’s camera…I don’t know how to upload the pics yet : )


Miss T and I went to watch Miss K’s softball game today. I got to cheer her team on and Miss T played with Mr. C and didn’t stay glued to me the whole game….pictures were taken by BFF C and I will post soon, when I get them. I forgot my camera ;(

Then we went to the park and had lunch and played. Miss T really wasn’t having too much fun because there was a fog horn in the distance and then there were some crows squawking plus kids playing loudly. So she was a bit frozen but we did manage to get her in a swing and she really liked it and gave us a HUGE SMILE! : ) The playground had recycled tires instead of sawdust or pea-gravel…I really liked it. I was able to walk in/on it with out too much trouble, even with my braces on. Miss T was able to manage too.

I didn’t take sun screen and hadn’t thought a lot about the wind we would/might encounter, so we are a little pink but now we know. It has been a long, long time since I have been to Bandon so I wasn’t prepared. I will be for the rest of the summer. Note to self…get hats, sunscreen, chair for Miss T, and a beach bag for it all to in…Don’t you always need a new bag for every summer??? LOL Well I do : )


So this morning Miss T and I participated in Olympic Hairbrushing( which is her favorite event 😉 ), and added Olympic Diaper changing, which is not my favorite at all 😉 and Olympic Dressing. We got through it, although we didn’t get a medal, as it is an ongoing event, maybe at some point we will get medals in at least one event…Olympic Potty Training… ugh!!!

In other news I have been very behind in my studies, so I spoke to my advisor and worked out a plan of withdrawing from one class…they are both 6 credits, and keeping one and focusing on that one for a decent grade. It won’t effect my financial aid…wheww!!! I learned that if the class is 6 credits I only have to take one. YaHoo!!! so I will take one for the summer then I will only take one during the Holiday season. I am very excited about this news and feel so relieved.

We, Miss T and I are going to go to a “get acquainted/play date” in preparation for VBS. Please pray or think good thoughts that she has a good time 🙂


I am very done with people that have had no invlovement…by their choice…. with my children all of a sudden having an opinion on what they are doing or not doing. What is that about? It like the “Monday morning quarterback”. Yeah if you aren’t going to be involved in the little things and the everyday things well then in my opinion..You don’t get a say in ANYTHING!!!

While I am up on my soapbox….Just because YOU have a degree of anytype, claim yourself an “expert” because you have been in the field…”100 years +” doesn’t by any means make you an “expert” on MY CHILD!!!!

Ok so I am done now. See ya soon : )

Why do people use Facebook as a diary.
Why don’t people think before they speak.
Why when giving a speech don’t people consider that some of their audiance may take offense to their inferences even/especially if they are trying to be funny at anothers expense.

Open during Remodel

I am playing with some new backgrounds. I need a change.  Please be patient.

It has been more than a week and Miss T has had four “normal” BM’s. I have to say that I am so very happy about this and we haven’t changed anything in her diet. There are a few things I am going to try to increase her getting “the right foods” by checking out a cook book…Deseptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld
My BFF C owns it and is going to let me borrow it to see if Miss T will eat some of the creations.

 You must know that I am NOT the cook in this family, unless of course you count microwave or quicky in the oven type eating. Oh I can do crockpot or oven meals. I just don’t do babysitting of food at all. I always get distracted and then burn the meal. So if Nana ain’t cookin then we are on our own…that is just how I roll. So the thought of me having a cook book in my posession and acutally using it…well is unheard of to say the least. Who knows maybe I will love it!….BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Ok get up off of the ground those that know me in real life…..don’t hurt yourselves 😉

That is all for now