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Please pray for Lukas. He is 3 1/2.


He was just diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. He will start treatment in the morning. The tests are showing signs in his bones and all over his body. His Mom Emily has given me permission to put his picture up in hopes for as much prayer as possible. This is all of the info I have right now and she has said she will keep everyone updated as she can. Please also be praying for Emily for strength, guidance, courage and protection for her heart.

Thank You in advance.


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I so don’t like it when my kids aren’t themselves. You know when they are QUIET and just LAYING AROUND.  Man, it always sends me into a panic.

Miss T did not do the road trip to Medford very well. It wasn’t so much the drive as it was the 102 heat that got to her. She seemed to brighten up the next day and all seemed well. Until Wednesday evening….she had dinner…all was well……….then IT began!!!

Throwing up!!! I know TMI, but you know this is the life of kids. So deal with it ; )  Anyway that continued until there wasn’t anything else in her little tummy. The rest of the ….whole night…. was flailing(how do you spell that?) She couldn’t seem to get comfy and wanted held but not. She wasn’t quite awake and occasionally she would have the dry heaves……..LOVELY!!!!

She got through that and in the morning we were to go and pick up Miss G and Miss A from Medford…I was not looking forward to that at all. We debated(Nana and Myself) who would go by themselves to get the girls. Neither of us had had a very good nights sleep and Miss T seemed sleepy but OK. So the decision we made we would all go and make it as quick as we could.

We got out of the car to stretch and maybe entice her with some sort of junk food, so she would have something in her tummy. She didn’t want anything so we hurried and then as Miss G picked her up and we were leaving……Miss T welcomed her home in the only way she was able at the moment….. Yep she threw-up on her. Welcome Home Sissy!!!! Did ya Miss Me???!!!

That was the only time that day she got sick and nothing on Friday. She even ate some chicken for dinner on Friday. Then this morning she was lethargic and throwing up anything she drank.

So we were off to the ER. They gave her a nausea suppository and she zonked out. She has kept the little bits we are giving her of liquid and even ate a quarter of a graham cracker….WOOOO HOOOO!!! I will take what I can get. She has lost weight and is just laying around…. very bothersome. I am used to her constantly on the move.  Please pray that she gets over this soon and that she doesn’t acquire any new food mouth aversions. Oh and that none of US get it either. ; )

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You May Notice…

I took the link to *photos” OFF. I have been reading more and more about weirdos taking photos or just looking at photos. I am really creeped out!!! I went to the my photos site and there was a message about someone wanting to “get to know me”. That is all I am gonna say on it so needless to say I have closed my photos blog and will only have this one. Sorry : (  it does make me sad because I too like to share my photos. I will still share some, However I am going to have to find out how to put one of those watermarks on them first. It may take awhile cause I’m not quick at learning that stuff…so be patient please.


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Well I knew I haven’t felt well for a long while, but I am a sick girl 😦    I went to a different dr. today, not because I had a problem with my original one, I just can’t afford to go to the “big medical center”.

The staff at the new place were pretty nice. I really didn’t have any major expectations. I just didn’t want to be treated badly or rudely.  I actually saw a Nurse Practitioner, which was fine with me. She was very personable and I felt she was listening to me….. I really like that in a dr.  : )

***TMI(to much information) ALERT***

Anyway I went in because my “cycle” has been CRAZY for the last two months. Ok it just hasn’t STOPPED!!! So I learned that I am MAJORLY Anemic……..not a surprise really. The severity was a surprise. She told me that I am close to being sent to the hospital for a transfusion. Oh MY!!!  I didn’t plan for that. She said she would try something else first but only for a short time then I will have to go to the hospital if things don’t significantly change.

The good news is………. I’M NOT CRAZY!!!! or LAZY!!! I really am sick. She told me to get lots of rest that I am a risk for lots of different……..not so good things…….and put me on iron and mega vitamins, some other meds and I have to check in with her in a couple of days.

I can’t tell you how nice it feels to be validated, that Im not just “not wanting to do anything”. I told her that when I got there I went to the office they said when I first called but there was a sign to go to another office. It really wasn’t a LONG walk but I told her I thought I was going to die or pass out. She said” Well I don’t doubt that at all. You really need to take care of yourself”.

Yeah so huge reality check. I have been so obsessive about making sure my girls have everything they need, maybe not what they want. I realized that if I don’t take care of myself who is going to make sure all of that is done in thier best interest. >>>> Hello can you see the smack on the head wake up call?  Yeah I felt it.

So I will rest. I will take my vitamins. Stop drinking soda…that is gonna be rough. Choose better foods, and also start thinking about thinking about getting some regular excersise.  Yes you read that correctly. The NP told me to “not do anything(excersise) until this other stuff is under control, but start thinking about the thought of regular excersise program.. I can do that, cause right now I WOULD probably pass out ; )

Would ya keep me in your prayers that my stress level doesn’t go crazy during this time of me taking care of me right now. Thanks.

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Miss T is sick again :(( Man its like she has a fever every week. Friday was the first day she had really been out and about. We went to Co-Op;lots of kiddos + Lots of contact = germ exchange ;\  I suppose I really need to be grateful that she has ONLY had simple colds and such , but I really don’t like to have to give her medicine. I know that she has a more sensitive immune system but does that mean that we can’t be around any other kids?

She does happen to have a 4mo check up with the ENT today so at least I will know if it is her ears.. Please pray that the Dr. doesn’t say she needs a sedated ear cleaning. If she does please let it be in the next week, because  the girls lose their medical at the end of the month.  I am waiting to have the ins. cards from hubby’s ins. but the state said “wait till you have them in your hand”…. OK.

Anyway we wait…. I will udate later when I know more on the ENT…  : )

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I just wanted to give you all an update:

Tony is home and has been for the last week. He is doing better and they have him on a very strict diet. It looks like he will have to have a colostomy(sp?). But this may be what will help in the long run…. we just have to wait to hear what the surgeons’ plan will be.

Miss T is doing very well with her hearing aides. She only rarely messes with them. The molds(the part that goes into her ear) aren’t fitting quite right so the audiologist is going to have them remade.  All is well for now.

please pray…….we got one of those ugly letters …that say  pay or get…. yeah….please pray…..

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Prayer needed

My brother Tony was taken to the ER early this morning. He will be there for at least a few days. More to come. Please pray for his healing and protection and peace.


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