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Doctor office called and Allergy panel came back negative for any allergies…that is good but we still don’t know what is/was the problem. Miss T had an almost normal BM the day before yesterday so maybe this little issue is over…keep praying please!

Oh on the lighter side She kept her glasses on at school today for 20 whole minutes!!!!! Yeah!! I am so excited! Maybe we are turning a corner for some understanding and maturity. Well hey she is gonna be 4 next month!


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Well you all know that I have never been consistent with this here blog 😉 And just so you know I haven’t even been consistent in my reading of all of my favorites either.

I went to the NDSC and had the most AMAZING time!! I think that the experience is invaluable and believe every parent should go at least once.  One of the  tag lines used was ” its like a big family reunion”. I couldn’t agree more. I personally have had experiences when we are or have been out and about when people will take a second look at Miss T or whisper something to the person next to them. Not only is it rude but it is hurtful also.  While at the convention there was NONE of that second or sideways glances the whole weekend. It was like everyone was one the same page even though not all of us have or have had the same exact walk through this world we call Down syndrome.

I personally was very choked up the first day. I was so enveloped by the love and exceptance in the atmosphere that I couldn’t help myself.  I went and had lunch with my sister and jabbered her ear off as we ate together. She was such a great listener and helped me to focus on just learning all I could.

Since we were staying with her and I still had my walking boot and not supposed to drive, she dropped me off at the Sacramento Convention Center. During our drive she said to me “Are you excited?” I said “Yes, but a bit nervous.” She said “Why? Oh kind of like the first day of school?” I said “YES Exactly! What if they don’t like me? (laughing)” Then  I said” You know the biggest that worries me is what if I learn that I am or have done something wrong for her(miss T)?” My sister said “Then you will learn the right way and do that. No worries!”  I shared that with one of the speakers and she said “Smart Sister!” 

Lots more going on here and even though I have said it before…. I will try to get back her to fill you in on the scoop 🙂

……here is a teaser……Miss G isn’t the only one to be preparing for school this upcoming fall 😉



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So I know I am ssssoooo slacking. You know how life can totally get in the way of you know blogging time… Oh I so don’t like it when that happens 😉

Plus the fact that …well I have just been so hermiting… (Hermiting- to choose to NOT go anywhere, do anything, etc. )  Some may call it depression.. Ok I will give you that but well I have had A LOT  of stuff going on. Not really in a place to share but I do have some stuff coming up that I am looking forward to so that is what is getting me through this yucky stuff.

Anyway– I am nearing the completion of the Monkey for Mr. C’s birthday from 2008.! Yeah! I really took it on thinking I could handle it and found out I had really over estimated my knitting skills 😉  So being the very forgiving little man Mr. C is has very graciously been patient with me.  He does and has asked me ” Hey Auntie Kim how is that Monkey coming? Is it almost done yet?” Then he hugs me and then goes and plays when I tell him it was much harder then I had thought it would be but that I am still working on it.

Next up I am getting ready for my surgery on Thursday. I’m really nervous about this one. I am thinking because I really had nothing to base it on the first time. So needless to say I know what will happen this time and am pretty nervous this time.

Plus the fact that Miss T will start pre-school on the 7th and I won’t be able to go with her 😦   It will be for 2 hours and I am soooo excited for her and I have made Nana(my mom) and Miss G promise they will take photos for me.

I will be leaving in the morning to go to Eugene for pre-op stuff and then staying till Friday when I will be able to come home. Hainty (my sister) will be going with/taking me again. So we plan to have fun. She said she will bring her laptop so I can “blog like last time” (her words…lol)

I will go for now and I am really trying to make a regular time to post… I just have to get through some of this life stuff 😉


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There has been soooo much going on this past week. I have lots to share, Miss T’s birthday, the upcoming NDSC convention, I want to show you a pic of my AFO and tell about the great fun and great times I have had with a friend that I haven’t seen in a long long time… It will all have to wait until this weekend when there is time to rest and relax.

Hope your week has been GREAT as well 🙂


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Whew! All went well and smoothly. No cavities and teeth are coming in well. She did have one sealant cause she has two teeth that are fused together and the Dr. Heidi thought it could be a trouble spot. So glad there weren’t any cavaties 🙂 The only thing…..**isn’t there always an “the only thing”**………….  :\  When they called us back, yes husband went, she had a bloody nose and blood stain on her leg the size of a half dollar!

Yes I was quite surprised… I walked in and pointed “Um why does she have blood on her??!!!!!!”  Reply– “She had a tube in her nose so there was some irritation and when they took out her IV she had a little blood drip on her leg. She is doing really well though.”   OK Well  in ALL of the “procedures” including tonsils out I have never seen so much blood on this child. I was not settled as you can tell, but I got through it.  

Miss T was in her usual after anesthesia mood when we got in there. She was flailing about and kind of moaning. It felt a bit rushed. I asked her if she wanted a bottle she shook her head No. Then H asked her if she wanted to go home…Miss T stopped looked at us both and signed finished and go home. We then knew she was good. lol.  They said she could go and we jumped in the car and went home. All has been well  though I decided to not go to the first day of Homeschool Co-Op cause Miss G had had a cold all week and Miss T is just out of sorts….plus it is stinking COLD!!!  and I really didn’t want to go anywhere today. Have a great weekend!!!

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Hey ya’ll! How are ya? Well lots has happened and yet there have been many lazy days that we have enjoyed too.

I can’t wait to get all caught up with ya. Oh and I have new pictures too : )

But ya have to wait….It is past my new bed time…lol… so you have to be patient which also happens to something we are working on with Miss T ; )

So big hugs and I will write soon


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Happy Late Mother’s Day. I had a very relaxing day and even got a nap!!! YAY ME 🙂 Here are some photos of my kids….Ode to Motherhood and Sibling Rivalry ; )


 Yes that is Miss T getting ready to HIT her sister…ain’t she Sweet ; )

Miss T had her hearing first test since her Sedated ABR in January. Well, she had “decreased responses” and her tympanometer(?) was flat in her left ear. So I called the ENT and they saw her that same week. He has scheduled her for a sedated ear cleaning and possible new PE tubes. That will happen on May 28th.

I went for  that job interview today. I know it took long enough for them to get back to me huh? Anyway I should know something in about two weeks. Please pray for God’s will and guidance.



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