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So this morning Miss T and I participated in Olympic Hairbrushing( which is her favorite event 😉 ), and added Olympic Diaper changing, which is not my favorite at all 😉 and Olympic Dressing. We got through it, although we didn’t get a medal, as it is an ongoing event, maybe at some point we will get medals in at least one event…Olympic Potty Training… ugh!!!

In other news I have been very behind in my studies, so I spoke to my advisor and worked out a plan of withdrawing from one class…they are both 6 credits, and keeping one and focusing on that one for a decent grade. It won’t effect my financial aid…wheww!!! I learned that if the class is 6 credits I only have to take one. YaHoo!!! so I will take one for the summer then I will only take one during the Holiday season. I am very excited about this news and feel so relieved.

We, Miss T and I are going to go to a “get acquainted/play date” in preparation for VBS. Please pray or think good thoughts that she has a good time 🙂



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I am very done with people that have had no invlovement…by their choice…. with my children all of a sudden having an opinion on what they are doing or not doing. What is that about? It like the “Monday morning quarterback”. Yeah if you aren’t going to be involved in the little things and the everyday things well then in my opinion..You don’t get a say in ANYTHING!!!

While I am up on my soapbox….Just because YOU have a degree of anytype, claim yourself an “expert” because you have been in the field…”100 years +” doesn’t by any means make you an “expert” on MY CHILD!!!!

Ok so I am done now. See ya soon : )

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I don’t happen to be very good at that wait thing at all ; )  I think it went well today. I got to see the program they use in action and feel that with practice I can handle it.  Oh and guess what else…. After the program thing I then had a “meeting” with some of the ladies I could be working with. There were 5 including the Boss. They had a list of questions for me….. Some were why have I not worked outside the home for so long, Would I have a problem working such late hours, What do I consider my strengths and weaknesses.

Overall I felt good when I left the meeting. When they were done and I didn’t have any questions, the Boss asked if I could find my way out of the hospital? I said Yes. She said Ok well while you do that, We will stay here and talk about you a bit. I said OK, No pressure. They giggled and I felt good. So if this is not where God wants me then it won’t happen. I will have to be patient!!! Did I mention I am not good at that ; )

Stay tuned….

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Last week while at Walmart…. I know many have lots of reasons why not to buy/shop there, but we live in a small town so there aren’t a lot of options 😉

Anyway…. We were just walking around and saw a woman with a very young baby. I of course had to stop and tell how handsome he was…it was obvious he was a he….. I asked “how old is he?” She said “almost 30days. ” I thought WOW! I was still on a self imposed lock down, NO GERM alert when Miss T was “almost 30 days old”!!! The woman then smiled at Miss T and asked how old she was. I told her 19mos. She said “She is beautiful and look at her cowlick!” ( sp? you know that curly part in your hair that you can never get right)  she continued..”…. it is obvious she is very inteligent. Her cowlick is right in the middle that means she uses both sides of her brain. A sign of high intelligence. ”  I looked at Miss T  then at my mom and said “Thank you. We think so too.” We left congratulating each other with smiles for each.  What  a nice 2 minute chat with someone I may never see again. 

Then…………..always a “THEN”……………I went to Joanne’s Craft store to look at yarn and overheard some women……Sales woman and Customer…. so the Customer says ” Honey this is the lady I was telling you about she had twins then triplets all girls!” with great excitement. I then had to look so I could see what kind of “shape” this woman was in….slim of course after  having 5 kids……I continued on my looking at the yarn 😉 When the Customer asked “now did you have them all by c-section?” Sales Woman ” well with the twins, they were first I had a choice to have them natural or c-section but I had heard that sometimes when the second twin comes it could come out wrong and end up r—– word.” I flipped my head and thought —-Go tell that woman that is an inappropriate word to use and how thoughtless it was to use such a term as you never know who could be near……ahem……. and could be offended!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went down another isle and thought ok here I go, I am going……..I was so upset …….I just couldn’t speak!!!

I have thought now about why people don’t buy from certain chains/stores because of their practices…. I now understand and I will not take it lightly again.

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To say that things have been easy would not be true. To say things have been hard wouldn’t be true either….I have realized not much has REALLY changed.

I have realized that I am the one involved with the girls from beginning of the day to the end. I am the one that knows who and what to call about regarding the house…..regardless if he followed through or not…….ugh!!! Now I know if the “plan has been accomplished”.  I have learned that our “financial life” is really worse then I thought….ugh!!!    I have learned that “”I”” am a strong person and that it is ok to set boundries.  I have learned that I have been …waaaaaayyyyy ttttooooooooooo DEPENDENT on others and NOT ENOUGH on God. …….Huge realization there 😉 can someone say DUH!!! 🙂

So what have I done?  ……. I have begun the process to get assistance. I don’t know what that will look like and I don’t know what we will qualify for but I know that GOD is in control.

***side note***

Do you ever have moments when you are out “doing what has to be done” and you finish the task and you feel “Grown -Up”. Like you were right where you were supposed to be, at the time you were supposed to be there and God is proud of you and you feel it????

***end side note***

Well this whole week I have felt “In Control” of my own life(of course God is guiding me and He is in ultimate control….but you know what I mean 🙂    )  I must say what a POWERFUL feeling it is. I feel like I have been right where I have needed to be when I have needed to be there…  People have even commented to me. All I can say is “really
you see strong, confident,…..really…I have learned to be thankful that it is evident the work God is doing in me.

Do I know what and how this is going to unfold……. No…… I have made NO decisions at all except to make sure my girls have what they need!!!! I have kept in communication with him and will plan to make sure the girls have time with him…….here of course……. (there have been too many lies for me to let them go anywhere yet) (besides I am proud to say that I am an over protective mother 😉    )  For the girls though, their daily lives haven’t changed at all!!! He wasn’t involved before and he isn’t here now so NOTHING has changed. That was a huge but sad realization I have had. I have told him that I cannot nurture the relationship he has with them. That is his responsiblity!!! I will not keep them from him and I will not bash him to them, I have made that promise to them and myself. I won’t and can’t be in charge of his realtionship with them. I will however NOT be happy with him if he continues in this manner with them. I intend to find out about programs there are available to my oldest to deal with the separation.

I have a very …..ok  a FABULOUS support group and I know that God will give me the words and let me know what/how to handle what ever happens. 

I have finally learned how to “be still and know He is God”. I am taking one day at a time, one issue at a time and God knows the rest. I know he will get us through, ( I don’t think I have felt that so strongly before…) God is amazing and He is the ONLY ONE I will depend on from now on………. a lesson learned the hard way….but learned none the less 🙂

Peace to ALL and thank you so very much for all of your kind words of support and prayers 🙂

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I have finally heard from the audiologist. It was a matter of her connecting with her associates and they each had busy weeks. What do you mean we aren’t their ONLY clients?!. 😉   It is official Miss T has a ‘mild to moderated hearing loss”.  At this point they are going to get some impressions of her ears next week. Then she will get some “loaners” for a “trial period” to see how she does with them. They don’t think she needs much amplification at all to help her, but we want her to have every advantage she can have to help her out. Oh and they have an assistance program so we will do that as well. Right now I haven’t had the nerve to ask how much hearing aids even cost. So I will know more next week on that. In the mean time I am going to put it to prayer. I already know God is going to handle it all and everything will be fine, I just can’t get myself out of the way 😉

Even though that is semi settled I ask for an unspoken prayer request on some other things going on around here.

 On to happier things……I want to start talking more about my knitting but….. well there isn’t much……REALLY? NO? YOUR KIDDING?!      Yes it is true I don’t knit every second of the day…. I do think about it maybe as much though 🙂 It is easier to deal with knitting issues than “other stuff” in life, ya know? I am working on a Dishcloth Swap, a Cell phone cozy for bff C, she already knows about it, trying to find an easy cardi to make for Miss T out of some “regular old acrylic yarn” I need to use up… It was supposed to a blanket for Miss G but she has out grown the colorway and turns her nose up at it….So it will be a cardigan, hat, and maybe mittens for Miss T.  I may have found a pattern from Lion Brand, its new on their website. I’m just not sure yet.  And thankfully I don’t have to decide on that right now 🙂

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Mine has been all about waiting for Tuesday to get here. I have so many phone calls to make in the morning I am really tense about it already. Oh and really needless to mention you all know it has been a THREE-DAY-WEEKEND……and hubby is home :\ So yeah… Did I mention I can’t wait for Tuesday??

So I have decided to start school on next Monday. After all the phone call have been made in the morning BFF, her kiddos,  my girls and myself are going to have one last Park Day. Cause We Can 😉 That is one of the perks of homeschooling.

Pray for me please so I don’t lose it and go balistic….cause I feel it coming on………………………………………….to be continued……………………..

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