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Please pray for Lukas. He is 3 1/2.


He was just diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. He will start treatment in the morning. The tests are showing signs in his bones and all over his body. His Mom Emily has given me permission to put his picture up in hopes for as much prayer as possible. This is all of the info I have right now and she has said she will keep everyone updated as she can. Please also be praying for Emily for strength, guidance, courage and protection for her heart.

Thank You in advance.


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Doctor office called and Allergy panel came back negative for any allergies…that is good but we still don’t know what is/was the problem. Miss T had an almost normal BM the day before yesterday so maybe this little issue is over…keep praying please!

Oh on the lighter side She kept her glasses on at school today for 20 whole minutes!!!!! Yeah!! I am so excited! Maybe we are turning a corner for some understanding and maturity. Well hey she is gonna be 4 next month!

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Up too Early…

So what on earth would get someone up when they rreeallyy like to sleep…*First this is a warning for TMI* You have now been warned….

Well *poop*. Yes you have read that correctly and No it wasn’t mine…you silly heads 😉  Miss T has been having weird BMs for the last several weeks and it has kept her out of school. I called the ped. on Monday and they said “lets get a sample and make sure it isn’t a parasite”. EEWWWWEEEE Gross!

I waited since Monday for her to ….go, cause now that I had 3 specimen jars I now needed her to do Her part of this adventure. Why is it that when you are ready for it ….it doesn’t happen until you again are not quite ready. Really why did I think this would be even sort of easy? Why would I even consider that thought at all? I mean really it isn’t like most things are easy ever and they never end up how you imagined it would be.

She woke me up this morning at 5:00 am fussing so I went to her and the closer I got, the better I could smell her. So I thought about the plan I had of  having Nana change her and clean her up then I could gather the specimen. Well at 5:00am this house is very much asleep. I got up gathered the supplies I would need and thought who am I gonna wake up to help with this….I considered Miss G cause she was the next room over but I also know she doesn’t have a very strong stomach and I didn’t want to clean up another mess. So I called Nana’s cell phone and woke her to the “good” news that we had a specimen to work with. She was very cooperative and said she would be right in. In the mean time the smell began to drift through the house and I began to worry about Miss getting a rash from her….. well poop. ; )

I started to change her and it is a good thing I did because skin was starting to become irritated. Nana came in just as I was cleaning her up. I put her back to bed and took my specimen with me. I have never had to gather a specimen of this type which was probably good because I had no previous experience with it.

We put a towel down and began, my job was to gather and Nana was going to label the 3…yes 3 little jars. I began my job and all was well then I couldn’t focus on anything but the smell. I began talking to myself as to what I would rather be doing than what I was doing. I only became super grossed out when I was on the final bottle.

Now I will go back to bed hoping she will go to back to sleep soon. I will take in the “specimen” and keep you posted on what is learned.

Good night, Good morning?…..Well you know what I mean…I have said that I am not a morning person in the least little bit. So I will be back when I have more to share.

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So to begin where I left off… I had a complete 3 year old fit and though I didn’t feel totally better, I felt justified of sorts.

My fit was due to two contractors/landscapers that did NOT turn in their estimates as agreed. They had been asked to give estimates regarding having our backyard leveled out to accommodate Miss T and her love of climbing and being free to run of sorts. Miss T was given a opportunity to apply to a grant to have this done. Well they assured me that all would be well with the timing and they could/would have all info faxed to our case manager….. WELL that didn’t happen on the morning of expected turning in of said application!!! One of them finally did and so at least we had one for the committee to look at. We are still waiting for news…

Miss T’s sedated ear cleaning and possible tubes went well 🙂 She started with a cold and slight fever the night before, but she didn’t have a fever the morning of and her lungs were clear so we continued as planned. She did very well with the anesthesia and coming out of it. She actually did the best she had before. The dr. ended up placing one tube in her left ear and preforming a myringotomy on the right. All was well and her cold cleared after a week or so.

My AFO– I finally got my Ankle Foot Orthotic. I had totally pictured a scenario like Cinderella and the glass slipper 😉 Well that so DID NOT happen. It was uncomfortable and hot and made my toes crunch up more(if that was even possible). So about three weeks out now and I am getting used to it and actually don’t mind it as much 😉 I do have a couple spots that I need to address which I think is expected. All is well there 🙂

Miss T’s Sedated ABR–(hearing test) We had to go to Portland to Dornbecher Children’s Hospital. I know I have mentioned that I sssooooo don’t like going there 😦 I just don’t have good memories… anyway we got there early :} I was trying to plan for traffic and weather but I didn’t plan for No traffic and Good weather…. So we ( me, Nana, and Miss T) the “husband” had to work… Miss T so did not like being there. She wouldn’t get down on the floor and play with all or any of the fun things they had around. She only stayed in one of our laps. She ended up have the Versed nose spray to get her calm enough so they could start her IV. It was SO much better then last time when the had us help hold her down with the “mask” on for her to go out… I made sure I let them know I did NOT want to be a part of that again! She did well and her test came back “NORMAL HEARING”!!!!! Hopefully this will now get everyone on the same page and they will quit bugging me about this. As I have said before “I do think she hears, I don’t think she is a good listener” Hello she is a toddler and she has a teenage sister so she has been learning from the best on NOT listening or at least “Selective Listening”.
I know you know what I’m talking about 😉  ((EDIT: I just found out yesterday that this test is available in Eugene which is 3hours closer then Portland |:{   can you say annoyed! ugh!

My next surgery date– Finally!!! I have scheduled for July 2… happy 4th :}. Thats ok I’m not really a firework kind of girl… Ihave never really liked them. Too Scary for me.

Oh I almost forgot. We are going to the Down Syndrome Convention in Sacramento, Ca. I am very excited!!! I was able to get a grant from our Early Intervention Program to pay for registration and also a gas allowance.  We hope to meet up with other family’s we have met online and have lots of  fun!!

You know with all of these grants I/We have been given lately maybe I should think about going into Grant Writing???  Who knows maybe that is my thing. Oh but wait I am good at the filling in the blanks part not the creating of the grant…LOL It was a thought. 😉

So I think I have touched on almost everything. My camera has been acting up so I don’t keep it as handy, but I do have some pics to share soon.


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Is it wrong that I am actually enjoying myself. I really feel quite GOOD! I had a tiny bit of a hard time staying awake when I first got to recovery. I am a serious light weight when it comes to heavy meds. You know like Morphine…. OH YEAH! I also had the “itchiness”, got some benedryl and went back to sleep of course 😉

There was a elderly lady in the bed next to me and she was soooo sad. She kept asking for help for her pain and there were a lot of nurses around her trying to help and get her calm. She was just so confused, hurting and sad. She also kept asking for “Roger”….Roger are you here? Are you still here Roger? Come to find out Roger is her doctor. I just wanted to HUG her 😦 Instead I kept praying for her 🙂

I have more to share but I’m gonna lay down… Thanks for all the good thoughts 🙂

Oh ~~~~ This is for Miss G ~~ I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK!!! Thank you for all of your help with MiMi and your prayers. MMMWWWAAAAHHHH!!! OOOOOOOO BIG HUGS!!!


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So I am getting ready for the big surgery. I leave in the morning to go to Eugene/Springfield area to go for my pre-op stuff. I don’t know what time surgery starts on Thursday so will have to update when I get home on Friday. I want to do a before, during and after type photos so those will coming up.

As excited as I am to get this going forward, I must admit I am a wee bit nervous. I have NEVER had a surgery before! I don’t count Miss Ts’                C-section 😉  I got something out of that besides I was in labor for days ( well it seemed that way)before they took her.

I think I am more nervous of the 6 weeks of “recovery” afterwards. I didn’t have any issues or problems with my incision. Granted I was just bit preoccupied with all of Miss Ts’ exciting adventure of her first weeks.

Plus I am going to be gone from my girlie’s 😦  I haven’t been away from them both at the same time. I know that seems whiner baby, but it is the truth.  I will miss them lots and lots.  I am very comforted in knowing that they will be cozy at home with Nana(my mom) and really will only miss me at meal time and bed time. I  do have my specialties I guess 😉 

Hey if you think about it would you keep us in your prayers thanks bunches. Anyway update in a few days 🙂


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Eyes done!

We had our 6 month Eye exam…well check up…or Well we saw the Ophthalmologist. Hoo Hoo, didn’t think I could type it huh. I even did it correctly with out “spell check” thank you…

Ok so we go Miss T is go good til they call us back. The gals ,”Hi, Thea-Anns’ turn.” Well she stopped in her tracks. I totally forgot that we did the dental thing just days ago. Miss T hadn’t forgotten. It went as it does, except we were choosing glasses this time 😐

I take forever when I choose my own, let alone having to choose for my 2 1/2 yr old. Well with Ins. the way it is, my choices were limited so I guess that was ok :\ We were suggested some that have the band across the back of her head. Well I already know it is going to be a challenge until she notices the benefit of better vision. I went with some that wrap around her ears. They aren’t the ones I REALLY wanted but they will do for “practice”, or rather for the throwing part of the learning process.

After she learns to leave them on, I want to go Specs For Us to get the next pair. Aren’t they GREAT?!!! I love the after photos!

Next –Ears –Feb. 23 ENT, Mar. 2 Audiologist

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