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Eyes done!

We had our 6 month Eye exam…well check up…or Well we saw the Ophthalmologist. Hoo Hoo, didn’t think I could type it huh. I even did it correctly with out “spell check” thank you…

Ok so we go Miss T is go good til they call us back. The gals ,”Hi, Thea-Anns’ turn.” Well she stopped in her tracks. I totally forgot that we did the dental thing just days ago. Miss T hadn’t forgotten. It went as it does, except we were choosing glasses this time ūüėź

I take forever when I choose my own, let alone having to choose for my 2 1/2 yr old. Well with Ins. the way it is, my choices were limited so I guess that was ok :\ We were suggested some that have the band across the back of her head. Well I already know it is going to be a challenge until she notices the benefit of better vision. I went with some that wrap around her ears. They aren’t the ones I REALLY wanted but they will do for “practice”, or rather for the throwing part of the learning process.

After she learns to leave them on, I want to go Specs For Us to get the next pair. Aren’t they GREAT?!!! I love the after photos!

Next –Ears –Feb. 23 ENT, Mar. 2 Audiologist


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You know the one by Michael Moore…Ok so before I give my opinion….What did YOU think?

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I think¬†Miss T¬†is in the clear on the cold and after all of the phone calls to EVERYONE that will dealing or involved in the “procedure”, I think that is settled too. I am waiting on one more phone call back from the anesthesia company.

Did you know that everything is billed differently. I mean yes to each company, etc. that is involved. What I mean is eventhough she has ins…as limited as it is….and she has some State Ins. coverage….although not one person can tell me exactly what is covered by them…I still had to call everyone individually and “make arrangements” with them for how I was going to pay!!!!!

Well after a bazillion calls on Friday and well none yesterday….I was tired we had Toddler Group and then our PECS training…and well I didn’t want to deal with it…. Anyway I received calls today and they were quite FABULOUS!!!! I have been told as far as the dental part—covered!!, Medical part–(surgery center, fees) covered!!! Now I am waiting on anesthesia—-ah I just have to say that when I spoke to the guy on Friday he gave me a “quote” of ………..are you ready…………..$900.00 dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so I was in a tiny shock, cause you see Miss T doesn’t even weigh 30lbs yet!!! How much anesthesia could she need!!! Oh, well they charge by THE MINUTE!!!!!!!

So after¬† my talk today with the Surgery Center today, I was thanking her and learned more from her than when I call the State Ins or anyone else…..I told her about the quote from anesthesia. She said she would call them and let them know what she had learned and maybe this would all just work out fine. Meaning¬† the main ins would be billed then the dental then what ever was left the State Ins would get that. If there was anything left then I would be billed.. I can live with that : )

so over all a good Tuesday! Oh and I even did LAUNDRY;)

peace to you


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I was thinking how is it that we mostly have been home except for dr. appts and still manage to get sick……Well duh, I have been to dr.s offices where sick people are…silly me ūüėȬ† Oh and we can’t forget the ever immaculate Wally World.

I just hope Miss T doesn’t get it too bad as she is supposed to have a sedated cleaning and x-ray and whatever else the need to do on the 12th. I use the¬†phrase ¬†“suppose to”, as I am fighting with the insurance co. again… Does it ever stop with the craziness just to get anything “preventative” accomplished. Oh My Goodness!!!! i have been working on this for about a week and a half. So we will see how Monday’s calls go uuuggggghhhhh!!!

You all take your vitamin C I think¬†it possible that I ¬†have gotten this cold from cyber space cause now that I think about it many of you are sick with it too….Ok now everyone wipe down their mouse and keyboards with a clorox wipe… germs you know ;))

Big sicky hugs


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I don’t happen to be very good at that wait thing at all ; )¬† I think it went well today. I got to see the program they use in action and feel that with practice I can handle it.¬† Oh and guess what else…. After the program thing I then had a “meeting” with some of the ladies I could be working with. There were 5 including the Boss. They had a list of questions for me….. Some were why have I not worked outside the home for so long, Would I have a problem working such late hours, What do I consider my strengths and weaknesses.

Overall I felt good when I left the meeting. When they were done and I didn’t have any questions, the Boss asked if I could find my way out of the hospital? I said Yes. She said Ok well while you do that, We will stay here and talk about you a bit. I said OK, No pressure. They giggled and I felt good. So if this is not where God wants me then it won’t happen. I will have to be patient!!! Did I mention I am not good at that ; )

Stay tuned….

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I got a call back for that JOB…………..!!!! Oh My Goodness!!!!! Ok so my next interview/test (typing, data entry, getting along well with others ;0)¬† is on Friday at 9:30am… Pacific time… Please pray Gods Will and that I will have peace which ever way it goes.

This job has very good benefits (medical, vision, dental) and retirement and life insurance… WOW this would be great!!! The hours is what drew me to it though… 2:30 pm-10:30pm. I will be able to be available for dr. appt. and therapy.¬† It is only a few blocks away too, so there wouldn’t be a huge gas bill. However I will have to get some new clothes. Darn I hate buying things for myself ; )¬† hehehe.

I guess I need to wait and see though. God willing this is what He wants. If not I know He will guide me the right way.

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Well I knew I haven’t felt well for a long while, but I am a sick girl ūüė¶¬†¬†¬† I went to a different dr. today, not because I had a problem with my original one, I just can’t afford to go to the “big medical center”.

The staff at the new place were pretty nice. I really didn’t have any major expectations. I just didn’t want to be treated badly or rudely.¬† I actually saw a Nurse Practitioner, which was fine with me. She was very personable and I felt she was listening to me….. I really like that in a dr.¬† : )

***TMI(to much information) ALERT***

Anyway I went in because my “cycle” has been CRAZY for the last two months. Ok it just hasn’t STOPPED!!! So I learned that I am MAJORLY Anemic……..not a surprise really. The severity was a surprise. She told me that I am close to being sent to the hospital for a transfusion. Oh MY!!!¬† I didn’t plan for that. She said she would try something else first but only for a short time then I will have to go to the hospital if things don’t significantly change.

The good news is………. I’M NOT CRAZY!!!! or LAZY!!!¬†I really am sick. She told me to get lots of rest that I am a risk for lots of different……..not so good things…….and put me on iron and mega vitamins, some other meds¬†and I have to check in with her in a couple of days.

I can’t tell you how nice it feels to be validated, that Im not just “not wanting to do anything”. I told her that when I got there I went to the office they said when I first called but there was a sign to go to another office. It really wasn’t a LONG walk but I told her I thought I was going to die or pass out. She said” Well I don’t doubt that at all. You really need to take care of yourself”.

Yeah so huge reality check. I have been so obsessive about making sure my girls have everything they need, maybe not what they want. I realized that if I don’t take care of myself who is going to make sure all of that is done in thier best interest.¬†>>>> Hello can you see the smack on the head wake up call?¬† Yeah I felt it.

So I will rest. I will take my vitamins. Stop drinking soda…that is gonna be rough. Choose better foods, and also start thinking about thinking about getting some regular excersise.¬† Yes you read that correctly. The NP told me to “not do anything(excersise) until this other stuff is under control, but start thinking about the thought of regular excersise program.. I can do that, cause right now I WOULD probably pass out ; )

Would ya keep me in your prayers that my stress level doesn’t go crazy during this time of me taking care of me right now. Thanks.

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