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Meridith has a great idea please go and check it out!!! Oh and there is a deadline so hurry!!!



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My heart is so heavy with the needs of so many little children and babies that need prayer and protection. I am asking for your help with all of the children in the world that are in need. I, as many are right now, am not in a position to help in a monetary way but I can sure share in praying for those in need and their families that are struggling right along and trying to stay strong. 

When I look at my girls and know their struggles thus far and then read of others that have, what seems as insurmountable paths in their lives, well I am in complete AWE of them.  Please pray for those you know and for those you don’t know. It can only do US ALL good in the end 🙂



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Please be praying for Emma Hope. She a little beauty recently adopted and needs your prayer. click on the button to learn more about her :0)

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came in the mail today???????????? Are ya thinkin`? Are ya wonderin`? Are curious?


Two SS  checks for Miss T. HOORAH, HOORAY, OH YES, A HUH, A HUH!!!!!!Photobucket

can you hear the sigh of relief over the blogsphere……….Photobucket

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Hello…I’m back…..

I had to take some time away for a while. I am looking forward to getting back to the blogsphere 🙂

 I have lots to share…….. and maybe a pic or two…..I hope all are well….

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All A New

I have decided to not be depressing….stressed and/or annoyed I can’t promise, but I won’t be depressing..

So we had a nice very realaxing Thanksgiving. I hope you all did as well!!! The girls are doing very well and so am I. Hubby and I are not back together but we are speaking and today we spoke very well 🙂 I have just been praying and praying for God to just lead us(His Will). We have both realized different things about ourselves and that to some degree we are better apart. He said he has been much more relaxed as am I and the girls. Things are progressing and I have not made any decisions nor has he. We have talked about the future and we speak about it as though we are not together. We both have decided to focus on the girls and to keep things as “normal” as possible for them. Neither of us subscribe to the “stay for the children” therory. We both grew up with that and it was much better once they were separate. So to each their own and every family must do what is right for them. This is our right for right now. 🙂 

I have applied for a couple jobs. Missed out on one and am waiting for the other, they told me to call in a week….keep praying please. This will be a job at the local hospital as a evening receptionist and insurance stuff….the hours would be perfect 2:30pm–11:00pm. I could still be a part of Miss T’s therapy’s and Dr. appts. I could also take Miss G to her homeschool co-op. Please be praying for this 🙂 This would be good for hubby too as it would free up more money for him so he could get a decent place for himself. He said he wanted to get a place so the girls could come over and feel safe and maybe play outside….that was a very HUGE statement from him.

I have joined a KAL(knit-along) I am very excited….you know that Ravelry is taking over the knitting community …hehehehe

So that is the update for now…more to share just too tired right now….Missed you all and prayers for you all….

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To say that things have been easy would not be true. To say things have been hard wouldn’t be true either….I have realized not much has REALLY changed.

I have realized that I am the one involved with the girls from beginning of the day to the end. I am the one that knows who and what to call about regarding the house…..regardless if he followed through or not…….ugh!!! Now I know if the “plan has been accomplished”.  I have learned that our “financial life” is really worse then I thought….ugh!!!    I have learned that “”I”” am a strong person and that it is ok to set boundries.  I have learned that I have been …waaaaaayyyyy ttttooooooooooo DEPENDENT on others and NOT ENOUGH on God. …….Huge realization there 😉 can someone say DUH!!! 🙂

So what have I done?  ……. I have begun the process to get assistance. I don’t know what that will look like and I don’t know what we will qualify for but I know that GOD is in control.

***side note***

Do you ever have moments when you are out “doing what has to be done” and you finish the task and you feel “Grown -Up”. Like you were right where you were supposed to be, at the time you were supposed to be there and God is proud of you and you feel it????

***end side note***

Well this whole week I have felt “In Control” of my own life(of course God is guiding me and He is in ultimate control….but you know what I mean 🙂    )  I must say what a POWERFUL feeling it is. I feel like I have been right where I have needed to be when I have needed to be there…  People have even commented to me. All I can say is “really
you see strong, confident,…..really…I have learned to be thankful that it is evident the work God is doing in me.

Do I know what and how this is going to unfold……. No…… I have made NO decisions at all except to make sure my girls have what they need!!!! I have kept in communication with him and will plan to make sure the girls have time with him…….here of course……. (there have been too many lies for me to let them go anywhere yet) (besides I am proud to say that I am an over protective mother 😉    )  For the girls though, their daily lives haven’t changed at all!!! He wasn’t involved before and he isn’t here now so NOTHING has changed. That was a huge but sad realization I have had. I have told him that I cannot nurture the relationship he has with them. That is his responsiblity!!! I will not keep them from him and I will not bash him to them, I have made that promise to them and myself. I won’t and can’t be in charge of his realtionship with them. I will however NOT be happy with him if he continues in this manner with them. I intend to find out about programs there are available to my oldest to deal with the separation.

I have a very …..ok  a FABULOUS support group and I know that God will give me the words and let me know what/how to handle what ever happens. 

I have finally learned how to “be still and know He is God”. I am taking one day at a time, one issue at a time and God knows the rest. I know he will get us through, ( I don’t think I have felt that so strongly before…) God is amazing and He is the ONLY ONE I will depend on from now on………. a lesson learned the hard way….but learned none the less 🙂

Peace to ALL and thank you so very much for all of your kind words of support and prayers 🙂

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