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Please pray for Lukas. He is 3 1/2.


He was just diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. He will start treatment in the morning. The tests are showing signs in his bones and all over his body. His Mom Emily has given me permission to put his picture up in hopes for as much prayer as possible. This is all of the info I have right now and she has said she will keep everyone updated as she can. Please also be praying for Emily for strength, guidance, courage and protection for her heart.

Thank You in advance.


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We are packing up to go to California. We, well I am going to NDSC convention this coming weekend. We are going early to “try” and acclimate to the hot weather a bit before all the activity starts up. I will have Miss T on alert with Nana so that she is available for any meet-ups we can make it to. I am very excited and grateful I am able to attend. 

I am going to be the link for our local Down syndrome Family Group. The group is excited one of us gets to go at least. Maybe someday it will be closer and we can all attend.

Well better get busy so we can get on the road….it is a long drive from Oregon coast to Sacto. California. We have a full schedule planned for the whole time so be praying that my girls can hold up in the heat and are able to get some relief when needed. Neither of them do well in the heat that is why we are going early.



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So I am getting ready for the big surgery. I leave in the morning to go to Eugene/Springfield area to go for my pre-op stuff. I don’t know what time surgery starts on Thursday so will have to update when I get home on Friday. I want to do a before, during and after type photos so those will coming up.

As excited as I am to get this going forward, I must admit I am a wee bit nervous. I have NEVER had a surgery before! I don’t count Miss Ts’                C-section 😉  I got something out of that besides I was in labor for days ( well it seemed that way)before they took her.

I think I am more nervous of the 6 weeks of “recovery” afterwards. I didn’t have any issues or problems with my incision. Granted I was just bit preoccupied with all of Miss Ts’ exciting adventure of her first weeks.

Plus I am going to be gone from my girlie’s 😦  I haven’t been away from them both at the same time. I know that seems whiner baby, but it is the truth.  I will miss them lots and lots.  I am very comforted in knowing that they will be cozy at home with Nana(my mom) and really will only miss me at meal time and bed time. I  do have my specialties I guess 😉 

Hey if you think about it would you keep us in your prayers thanks bunches. Anyway update in a few days 🙂


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So please be praying that this goes well. I really don’t like it when Miss T has to be under anesthesia. I will update when we get home and settle in. I really don’t even know how long it is supposed to take :\

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I don’t happen to be very good at that wait thing at all ; )  I think it went well today. I got to see the program they use in action and feel that with practice I can handle it.  Oh and guess what else…. After the program thing I then had a “meeting” with some of the ladies I could be working with. There were 5 including the Boss. They had a list of questions for me….. Some were why have I not worked outside the home for so long, Would I have a problem working such late hours, What do I consider my strengths and weaknesses.

Overall I felt good when I left the meeting. When they were done and I didn’t have any questions, the Boss asked if I could find my way out of the hospital? I said Yes. She said Ok well while you do that, We will stay here and talk about you a bit. I said OK, No pressure. They giggled and I felt good. So if this is not where God wants me then it won’t happen. I will have to be patient!!! Did I mention I am not good at that ; )

Stay tuned….

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I got a call back for that JOB…………..!!!! Oh My Goodness!!!!! Ok so my next interview/test (typing, data entry, getting along well with others ;0)  is on Friday at 9:30am… Pacific time… Please pray Gods Will and that I will have peace which ever way it goes.

This job has very good benefits (medical, vision, dental) and retirement and life insurance… WOW this would be great!!! The hours is what drew me to it though… 2:30 pm-10:30pm. I will be able to be available for dr. appt. and therapy.  It is only a few blocks away too, so there wouldn’t be a huge gas bill. However I will have to get some new clothes. Darn I hate buying things for myself ; )  hehehe.

I guess I need to wait and see though. God willing this is what He wants. If not I know He will guide me the right way.

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Happy Late Mother’s Day. I had a very relaxing day and even got a nap!!! YAY ME 🙂 Here are some photos of my kids….Ode to Motherhood and Sibling Rivalry ; )


 Yes that is Miss T getting ready to HIT her sister…ain’t she Sweet ; )

Miss T had her hearing first test since her Sedated ABR in January. Well, she had “decreased responses” and her tympanometer(?) was flat in her left ear. So I called the ENT and they saw her that same week. He has scheduled her for a sedated ear cleaning and possible new PE tubes. That will happen on May 28th.

I went for  that job interview today. I know it took long enough for them to get back to me huh? Anyway I should know something in about two weeks. Please pray for God’s will and guidance.



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