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Please pray for Lukas. He is 3 1/2.


He was just diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. He will start treatment in the morning. The tests are showing signs in his bones and all over his body. His Mom Emily has given me permission to put his picture up in hopes for as much prayer as possible. This is all of the info I have right now and she has said she will keep everyone updated as she can. Please also be praying for Emily for strength, guidance, courage and protection for her heart.

Thank You in advance.


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Well you all know that I have never been consistent with this here blog 😉 And just so you know I haven’t even been consistent in my reading of all of my favorites either.

I went to the NDSC and had the most AMAZING time!! I think that the experience is invaluable and believe every parent should go at least once.  One of the  tag lines used was ” its like a big family reunion”. I couldn’t agree more. I personally have had experiences when we are or have been out and about when people will take a second look at Miss T or whisper something to the person next to them. Not only is it rude but it is hurtful also.  While at the convention there was NONE of that second or sideways glances the whole weekend. It was like everyone was one the same page even though not all of us have or have had the same exact walk through this world we call Down syndrome.

I personally was very choked up the first day. I was so enveloped by the love and exceptance in the atmosphere that I couldn’t help myself.  I went and had lunch with my sister and jabbered her ear off as we ate together. She was such a great listener and helped me to focus on just learning all I could.

Since we were staying with her and I still had my walking boot and not supposed to drive, she dropped me off at the Sacramento Convention Center. During our drive she said to me “Are you excited?” I said “Yes, but a bit nervous.” She said “Why? Oh kind of like the first day of school?” I said “YES Exactly! What if they don’t like me? (laughing)” Then  I said” You know the biggest that worries me is what if I learn that I am or have done something wrong for her(miss T)?” My sister said “Then you will learn the right way and do that. No worries!”  I shared that with one of the speakers and she said “Smart Sister!” 

Lots more going on here and even though I have said it before…. I will try to get back her to fill you in on the scoop 🙂

……here is a teaser……Miss G isn’t the only one to be preparing for school this upcoming fall 😉



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Quick Check in…..

So the foot is healing nicely and I do have pics I just have to upload. You know how it is….

Miss T is doing well going to school two days a week. Well she has only gone 3 out of the 4 cause she came home the first day with a cold and bit of a fever. She even rides the bus home. I can’t bear to send her off to school on the bus, I am just a nervous nellie that way 😉 Oh and she got her first skinned knee boo boo today, pics of that to follow also 😉

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Oh My Goodness!!

Mark your calendars… OK I am the only ONE that this matters to 😉  But You have to admit …all moms out there…. THIS IS BIG!!!


shhhhh……………  i am home ALONE!!!….ssshhhhhh….they will hear you and hurry back…. ;))

I cannot remember the last time I was home TOTALLY ALONE. Really you know that doesn’t happen often when you have an almost 3 yr old.  Nana(my mom, she lives with us) and Miss G were going big shopping. I am still in the walking boot and it makes my hip hurt something awful when on it for a long time, and shopping takes forever.

So I said “you know, I bet Miss T would love to get out today, what do ya think?” 

Nana-“huh? Are YOU going too?”

Me-“Ah I wasn’t planning on it….. ( I just let it hang there and settle)”

Nana-“Miss G what do you think? Are you ok with taking the (affectionately of course…..)  maniac with us?”

Miss G- (at the computer turns her head slightly toward us..ME and asks) “Who is pushing HER basket!?”

Nana- “YOU! I will be in charge of getting the groceries and what not.” she says with an attitude of DUH!

Miss G- she is 15 you know…says ” I guess! I don’t really have a choice do I?!”

Nana and Me– in unison “No! again with the Duh attitude”

I have put some laundry in, looked at knitting patterns, watched WHATEVER I wanted to, and skipped around on the world wide web!!!

YAY ME!!!! 🙂

Now I am off to do a bit of knitting…. UN-interrupted I might add 😉



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So I am getting ready for the big surgery. I leave in the morning to go to Eugene/Springfield area to go for my pre-op stuff. I don’t know what time surgery starts on Thursday so will have to update when I get home on Friday. I want to do a before, during and after type photos so those will coming up.

As excited as I am to get this going forward, I must admit I am a wee bit nervous. I have NEVER had a surgery before! I don’t count Miss Ts’                C-section 😉  I got something out of that besides I was in labor for days ( well it seemed that way)before they took her.

I think I am more nervous of the 6 weeks of “recovery” afterwards. I didn’t have any issues or problems with my incision. Granted I was just bit preoccupied with all of Miss Ts’ exciting adventure of her first weeks.

Plus I am going to be gone from my girlie’s 😦  I haven’t been away from them both at the same time. I know that seems whiner baby, but it is the truth.  I will miss them lots and lots.  I am very comforted in knowing that they will be cozy at home with Nana(my mom) and really will only miss me at meal time and bed time. I  do have my specialties I guess 😉 

Hey if you think about it would you keep us in your prayers thanks bunches. Anyway update in a few days 🙂


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Miss G had a GREAT time. Maybe she will let me use a few pictures she took. They went to San Francisco and walked the Wharf and even drove down the “super wiggly road” Lombard Street I think. They had a BLAST…They are even planning on next year and going to make this a yearly event…new destinations each year. The had missed out on Alcatraz so that will happen next year for sure.  My oldest baby is growing up    : (

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Guess where I am going in the morning?…… I am taking Miss G and her friend Miss A to meet up with my sister. My sister “Hainty”( we call her) is taking the girls to see……are you ready????………………………..JONAS BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Yeah!!! They are so stoked it isn’t funny. Hainty is also taking them to IKEA and maybe even San Francisco. How much FUN are they gonna have : )

Miss G only got back a few days ago from Idaho for a Quiz Meet for 9 days. As soon as she gets back from California then we will hit the books for “review” cause she has her State Testing coming up. In the mean time she will be preparing for 4-H competitions. Oh the joys of a pack summer ; )

This has been the CRAZIEST summer we have EVER had. It is all good though!!!

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