Please be in prayer for Ashley Kate. She is having surgery to remove her rejected bowel today. This is a very dangerous surgery that could take her but this organ must be removed for her to have any quality of life for what remainder of life she has. Please be praying that the organ contents(poison) does not spill into her abdomen and that her pic live can be corrected. This is the only venous access they have and if it is lost, then they can do NO more for her. Thank you in advance!


Oh MY!!!

He did not just tell me he lost his job…..! Now what?!?! Please pray that things get worked out…. whatever that means…….

Miss Ashley Kate is in need of more prayers. She is in need of HOPE for her family. They need to see some positive improvements. They need us to lift them up to God and pray for them when they have no more energy to do it themselves. I am so sad for this family. I can’t tell you how many times a day I check their blog to see what, if any changes there are. Unfortunately there are few. Although yesterday Miss Ashley signed two words to her grateful Mommy… music and drink. It is a big deal as she hasn’t had the energy to ask for anything. She only has energy to moan, cry and wince in pain. They are trying to find a level of comfort for her that seems to always be out of reach. When they do find the right combination they will try to go home and wait for her to heal at home. Their main goal is to get her home, to me surrounded by her familys’ love. There is nothing further to do but wait and as the treatment will not show any signs of healing for 6-8weeks.

Miss Ashley Kates’ 5th birthday is coming up and many friends and family are going to Omaha to celebrate with them at the hospital. Please pray that their hope will be restored. Here is an excerpt from the blog.

“Then only hope we have is that God reach down into our family, into our hearts, into the broken body of our almost 5 year old and give us that miracle. When all hope fails, the hope we seek in in Christ and His healing power for each of us. We still need a miracle. The biggest we have ever seen.

Your prayers for my son as he learns the gravity of what his baby sister faces are more than appreciated. Your prayers for my husband as he seeks the strength to actually say the words that have to be said would be appreciated. Your prayers for my Allison as she prepares to leave her mom and her baby sister without a trace of guilt for she has nothing to feel guilt over would be appreciated. Your prayers for our baby, the heart of our family, for her life, her health, her survival would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for praying. Thank you for sticking it out with us. Its rough, it may get rougher still, if you can fathom that. You will never know how your simple words “I’m praying for you” shared with me in brief message have become so much more than just simple words and phrases. It is the very breath that I am breathing through this time. When I am out of prayers, the words fail to come, the exhaustion takes over, I know that she is being lifted to our Father in Heaven and that He won’t forget how desperately we all seek His presence, His miracles, and His love.”

Thank you for your prayers.

Ashley Kate

Ashley Kate is still in need of a miracle. Please be praying for her and her family. Her veins are not viable and they need to be able to access her for meds and to draw blood to get her labs. Please Keep her in your prayers.


Hello it seems that I never have good things to share lately. I have just learned that another of our own, Miss Kristen from She is our Angel has gained her angel wings as gone home to be with Jesus.

Kristen you have taught many people to love deeper then anyone else could have. You are brave and you are lovely…. You will be missed.


Please be in prayer for a Brave little Miss. Her name is Ashley Adams and she is fighting for her life. She is in rejection of her bowel and needs any and all prayers she can get. She had a three organ transplant in 2006 and… well go to her blog  read her amazing journey and let the family know you too are praying.  They have asked for prayer from whomever is willing to pray on their little ones behalf.  You can also go to her Facebook page.

Hugs and Blessings… Kim

Please pray for Lukas. He is 3 1/2.


He was just diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. He will start treatment in the morning. The tests are showing signs in his bones and all over his body. His Mom Emily has given me permission to put his picture up in hopes for as much prayer as possible. This is all of the info I have right now and she has said she will keep everyone updated as she can. Please also be praying for Emily for strength, guidance, courage and protection for her heart.

Thank You in advance.